Two by Two…

Phew!  OK, so it may not be a ‘welcome to the world’ present, as it was intended, more like a ‘happy first Christmas’ present, but it’s FINISHED, and that, my friends, is the important thing.  This is the Noah’s Ark design from Jo Verso’s Cross Stitch Gifts for Children, a book my mum had when I was little, and which I bought on Amazon last year in a fit of nostalgia.  Plus it was about £3 including postage.

I have actually stitched this before when I was about 15, and I remembered thinking it was totally amazing, which was why I thought to repeat it – also, the mum of the baby for which it is destined had said rather pointedly that she had SO MANY knitted baby clothes, so a jumper was out of the question.

However, despite being well chuffed with it the last time I made it, when I looked at the project photo in the book this time it felt like THE 90s WERE COMING TO GET ME.   I don’t think the incredible staging where it’s surrounded by house plants and Body Shop animal soaps helped much.

I decided to update the colours a bit, using 2 slightly different browns for the ark and giving it a solid red roof, which I think looks cleaner and more vibrant.


The little animals are on 14ct plastic canvas – there were only supposed to be 6, but because my brain is mush I drilled 7 holes in the frame, so I had to invent a giraffe.  He looks pretty cute, no?  The design is mounted on 2 cards, so the hanging animals can join their friends in the ark:

The frame is from IKEA – I’ve long given up getting embroideries professionally framed, as ten to one IKEA’ll have a frame to fit, and it’s really easy to do it yourself.  You do end up with a big spider-web of threads across the back, but no-one’s looking at that…  I was going to cover the back with some really cute elephant fabric I had, but basically couldn’t be bothered.  Meh.  Who’s going to see it?!

Well, that’s about it really.  Not much more to say on that, except that yet again I finished the embroidery ABOUT 3 MONTHS AGO, and it’s been sitting there waiting to be framed ever since.  I seriously have to sort this habit out…

Have a good week!




  1. December 1, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    Looks great – well done you! Got some cross stitch finished years ago still waiting to be framed so either you’re not alone or it runs in the family!

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