Sweeeet Carolyn…


…hmm hmm hmm…  Well only half a Carolyn, actually.  Still, they’re an ace half, so I’m sharing anyway, as I’m not going to get the top finished today.  You can show up to a pyjama party half-dressed, right?  One of my not-really-resolutions is to not allow my sewing to be a source of stress.  If it’s not done, it’s not done, end of.

This was literally THE ONLY photo not containing a blurred child.

This was literally THE ONLY photo not containing a blurred child.

So, back to my half-assed pyjamas (I do actually have the top in progress…).   I mentioned in my previous post about the pattern-matching zeal I began cutting these out with.  Well, I cut out the top first…  By the time I got to the shorts I was losing the will.  For some reason I found it IMPOSSIBLE to work out where the centre-front seam would be, so I decided to match the side-seams instead.  Oh, and the cuffs!  Check out the cuffs!  The bits that do match, match well, so we’ll just say who’s gonna be staring at my fly anyway, OK?


I’m using a length of Liberty Carline poplin I’ve been looking at guiltily for a while.  I bought it online, intending to make a dress, but the colourway does me no favours.  I couldn’t face making a dress out of such lovely fabric, knowing it would hang unworn in the wardrobe.  Pyjamas are the perfect use for fabric like this – I can enjoy it’s gorgeousness while not caring how unhealthy I look.  Now I’ve made the shorts, I can see how I could use the remainder of the length for a skirt or shorts, where it won’t be next to my face.

The pattern has impressed me so far – I had high expectations and it doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve wanted to make a Closet Case Files pattern for ages, but the previous patterns have all required a bit more commitment than I have to spare at the minute (swimsuit fabric, stretch-knit, jeans… aaaargh).

Heather Lou has done great posts on making and applying piping, so I read through them first as I’ve never used piping before, but the printed instructions are excellent.  Great diagrams and really clear language.  I also like that everything (so far) is machine-finished.  I love hand-sewing, but not for garments that go through the wash.

I’ve made my own piping – it’s just green craft cotton, which is probably a bit stiff for the job, but then the poplin is on the crisp side for this pattern anyway.  It’s working fine so far!   I am now addicted to piping – I was a bit worried whether I’d be able to get the stitching close enough, but then I found this old singer zip foot (see, hoarding is good!): WP_001424

Once attached, you can adjust it side-to-side with the screw at the back, so I fixed it with the needle right at the edge.  It works amazingly well – I honestly don’t think I’d have found it easier with a piping foot.  Plus I’d have to change machines – I’m still using the Jones with the weird offset needle.

What else?  Well, we had a slow start – I couldn’t work out for ages why the machine was playing up.  I’d threaded it wrong.  In my defence, it’s a relatively new-to-me machine, and it threads differently to my others, but still.  By the time I realised, I’d sewn half the shorts, very swearily.  The second half went much better!

I’ll leave you with a few guts photos, as it was just impossible to model them properly with the constant child-attacks…  Maybe when I’ve completed the set eh?





…gah, thread tails!

Have a lovely week!  Do you plan to make yourself some posh pyjamas?  I’m really looking forward to seeing all the Carolyns – I can’t wait to finish mine off now!

Take care,




  1. Heather Lou
    March 9, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    I love these! The fabric is soooooooooo pretty.

    • March 9, 2015 / 7:45 pm

      Thank you! It feels gorgeous too, lucky the colour makes me look ill or it would’ve been a shirtdress by now!

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