Straightgrain Ishi…s

Straightgrain Ishi girls dresses

I swear there is some kind of jinx on photographing these… Oh wait.  That would be my children…  Still, we have Some Photos, so we’re going to go right ahead.  These are both the Ishi dress by Straightgrain, which there was a contest for about a month ago.  I was going to make them for the contest, but then I had ‘flu for a fortnight and didn’t.  Meh.

Ishi dress

I’m pretty happy with them!  They were not this creased this morning…  I like my kids’ clothes non-pink, non-frilly and non-sparkly, so these are pretty spot-on.

I used some chambray (which I weirdly have loads of, but probably not enough now to make anything else), and a floral cotton poplin, both from Leon’s (of course).  I managed to get all the floral bits out of 1m, but only just…  There was a lot of single-piece flat cutting.  It took, approximately, forever. Also, lots of pattern pieces in this dress.  Just saying.

I think my kids are what one might term ‘healthy’ – they are nearly-4 and just-6, and I cut ages 6 and 8…  I’m really funny about growing room in children’s clothes.  They fit pretty well actually, ha!

Construction-wise, I only changed one thing, which was the back opening.  The pattern gives options for a zip at the back of the neck, or buttons down the centre back.  Neither of these are very manageable for the Two Gingers,so I stuck a keyhole opening at the back of the neck.  I mean, obviously they can’t do that up themselves either, but they could at least put the dress over their head and wait for a passing adult to do the button, and it’s not uncomfortable in the meantime…

ishi dress close-up

Handily, the pattern already has a partial lining/facing, to it’s easy to get a really neat finish with this opening method.

ishi dress construction

As you can see, the pattern has princess seams which curve to the armscye.  When I read the instructions, I thought they were making kind of a big deal about these seams – I mean, I’m OK with inner/outer curves in general.  Princess seams, sleeve-heads, I’m halfway through a clamshell quilt forgoodnesssakes…  Yeah.  These seams were something else altogether, so I guess I should get down off my high horse now…  I didn’t have to unpick any, but only because I decided that I wouldn’t unless they were UNBEARABLY ugly…  Still, they look cute, don’t they!

*Clearly these seams have bothered people though, as the day after I finished these dresses, Straightgrain sent me an email with an amended PDF, where they’ve changed the seam allowance on them to 7mm rather than the 1cm on my version.  Which is nice, but am I really going to tape another PDF to make these curves slightly easier?  No.  No I am not.  And I hate having differing seam-allowance within one pattern.

ishi dress

Good for climbing…



And running.. Seriously, I took about 60 photos, and most of them looked like this.

The only problem I have with this pattern is this:  are even style lines as cute as these worth being unable to sew the tiny sleeves in flat (no side seam!)?  I’m on the fence…  Also, lots of pattern pieces.  I’d still make it again though – it’s so cute, although I fear that the girls are not going to want to wear this style for too many more years, sadly :(.

Well, I think they’ve had enough dresses for a little while, so I’m going to sew myself something next…  Maybe after I’ve finished getting the front room ready for plastering.

action shot

See, I told you about the photos…

Have a wonderful week!



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