My Fabric Habit…

Oh how I wish my stash looked like this!

Oh how I wish my stash looked like this!

They do say honesty is the best policy, so here goes:  ‘*deep breath* I am not strong enough to stick to my ‘no fabric-buying’ resolution…’

It’s just too hard!  My sewing queue is pretty haphazard, and what I want to sew depends entirely on my mood, so I find it hard to manage the queue in the traditional British fashion.  There’s a whole lot of jumping going on, to be honest, by the likes of this…

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… the Winifred Dress by BlueGingerDoll, which is elbowing its way inexorably forward.  The fact I usually have several projects in mind at once means I like to browse fabric for ideas, a lot, a lot of the time…

Which means that foregoing the buying of new fabric, thus limiting myself to sewing just the garments I can make from my stash, would seriously decrease my pleasure in sewing.  So I’m abandoning it…

However, I can be serious about some things (she says defiantly), so I can gladly re-iterate my ‘no-buying-new-clothes’  resolution.  Which isn’t that hard, as I HATE clothes-shopping – nothing fits properly, the 12 makes me look like Vicky Pollard and the 14 like I’ve borrowed my older sister’s clothes, the waist’s too big but the thighs are too tight… you get the picture.  I HATE it.  Still, even an easy resolution counts a bit, right…?

Before I go, can I just say how irritated I am that Croft Mill only has 1m left of this, as it would be beyond perfect for the dress above… This make me sad, but hopefully someone will snap it up for a lovely blouse soon!

There it is, I am now free to buy fabric again, yay!  So what are the sewing habits you can’t let go of?



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