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Evening!  I hope this drizzly Friday night finds you safe, well, and eating pizza.  I’m pretty much there…  It’s been another long week, although I’ve been on training today, which is good as a day off work, but also really quite mind-numbing.  I’ve been way too busy (and tired) to do much sewing, so to cheer myself up at the lunch-break, I’ve put together a teeny round-up of what I’ve been loving this week from the (mainly sewing) blog world:

Sewing news
  • How cute is Sarah’s Deer & Doe Belladone?  I’m always lurking Alexander Henry, and this is not helping…
  • I might have to re-consider Sew Over It after seeing Jo’s version of their new Penny dress.
  • Props to Jo who’s made herself an awesome sunhat, I’m especially impressed with her genius anti-floppiness solution of PVA glue – and I may have to totally rip this off as it seems ‘straw’ hats you buy on the high-street are actually made of paper, and dissolve if you drop them in the swimming pool.  No, I’m not bitter (I’m totally bitter…)
  • I love pretty much everything Novita makes, in fact her version of the Wyome jeans were what swung them for me (sadly mine need MUCH tweaking…), and this red Breton Papercut Aomori has it ALL
  • Oh the cute.  Sadly my husband is as thrifty (scruffy…) as I am, and by the time I claw a shirt out of his hands it’s only good for lighting fires with.
  • No quilt is this pretty
  • Not strictly sewing, but how have I not heard of NetPrinter before?  Goodbye buying a new roll of sticky tape every time I buy a PDF pattern!
DIY goals

I’m now going to eat pizza, I would strongly suggest you do the same.

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