Sewing News VIII – Back From The Haberdashery

vintage sewing machine

Evening friends (or morning, or afternoon…).  I’m posting this in absentia, having gone camping for the summer holiday’s last hurrah.  Cross your fingers for me it’s sunny…

I’ve had to do my round-up a little early, so if any scorchers sneak in on Thursday night they’ll have to go in next week’s edition!  You may be wondering ‘is she ever going to actually sew anything again?  And when?’ – well I am, but not imminently, as the holidays are particularly tough on sewing time, and we’ve been squeezing in as many breaks as I can get time off for…  So yeah, at some point…  but in the meantime, look *points distractingly*

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Well, I’m off camping!  And maybe in a week or two I’ll get some sewing done…

Take care!




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