Sewing News VI – Indenim Jeans & the Seam-Ripper of Doom

Vintage railway carriage

Hello lovely people!  How’s your week going so far?  Mine’s been crazy busy, and then last night I thought I could finish the skirt I’ve been working on, but Amy’s favourite doll needed a skirt more, apparently, so…  But you guys have been making lovely things, so here some of them are!

Sewing News
Random News
  • The founders of Block Shop, a home-wares company that uses traditional Indian hand block printing, talk all about this fascinating process on a Pair & A Spare.
  • This is hardly news, since it dates from 2015, but you need to see these dresses from the Met Museum archive.  Trust me.
  • DesignSponge have free downloadable wallpapers from Cotton & Flax‘s new fabric collection, Arroyo!  There are going to be 6 altogether I think – this is number 4, and there are links to the previous ones in that post.  Anything that makes my computer screen more like fabric is good.

You all have a lovely weekend!




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