Sewing News III – Rise of the Bobbins

Vintage sewing pattern and pink floral fabric

Oh, the British summer…  One minute it’s 29 degrees, the next it rains for 2 solid days and you want to put the heating on.  Can’t complain though (if you’re not British, you should know that ‘Can’t complain’ is what we say when we’ve just had a really thorough complain 😉 ) – I’m in the middle of sewing myself a Seamwork Almada robe (purely as a practice for a gift, of course), which is coming along nicely.  Other people, however, have been actually finishing stuff, so go take a look!

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Well, I’ll be off now, I’m on the hunt for that extra 12 hours I need in every day…  Have a great week, and keep sewing 🙂



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