Sewing News X – The Night of the Maker


Hi guys!  I’ve been a bit quiet lately, what with back-to-school and these blasted cushion covers… I realise you may not believe in the cushion covers, given the length of time I’ve been going on about them coupled with the absence of any evidence they exist…  But they do, and they’re nearly finished, thank god, so I may get to make something frivolous soon.  Or un-frivolous, as it’s now full mists-and-fruitfullness autumn and I have no trousers.  So maybe that first…

The big news with me is that I’ve enrolled on a Pattern-Cutting and Garment Construction course at the local college, one evening a week.  I’m really looking forward to sitting down with some pattern drafting, not to mention getting my hands on an overlocker and industrial sewing machine!

Here’s what’s caught my eye recently (a few of these might have snuck in from previous weeks, due to lame posting schedule…)

Sewing news
Knitting News
Cuteness News

And that’s the news!  Thanks for reading, see you soon,





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