Freddy Foxes

FINALLY finished this for the boy, yay!!!  I can’t actually remember when I started it, as I’ve kept breaking off for more urgent projects, but it’s a loooong time ago…  The pattern is Friedrich by Sarah Hatton, from Rowan Studio 30.  I would have bought the book on the strength of this one pattern, but actually there aren’t many patterns in it I wouldn’t like to make.  I mean, just look at this one!  But I’m running out of babies to knit them for.

Anyway, back to the finally completed baby-man jumper.  I’m really happy with it, even though (and this is really Very Inconvenient) I’ve sewn one of the sleeve-heads in too tightly, so I’m worried it might cut off the circulation to his arm.  It’ll have to come out and be re-set, but I just can’t face that right now!  It’s too warm to wear it at the minute anyway, so I’ve got a bit of a window…

This is my first attempt at a fair-isle pattern, in practice for this one, which my husband is apparently in quite urgent need of.  Up until this point, I’ve stuck pretty much to one colour per jumper.  I mean, stripes don’t really count, do they…?  This is mainly because I prefer to do a fancy stitch in a plain colour to show off the knitting, but also, it has to be said, out of laziness.  Recently, though, I keep seeing fair-isles that I REALLY want to make, so obviously I will have to be less lazy…

It’s a great pattern to start fair-isle knitting with, as you get a taste for the technique without having to concentrate too hard on the pattern.  The foxes (Friedrich…Frederic… Freddy… fox… geddit?, yeah, I literally JUST did…) take a bit of brainpower, but the rest is really straightforward.  Also, all the changing colours and stranding the yarns across the back has actually fixed my chronically tight tension!  It’s come out the right size and everything!  I’ll drink to that.

I’ve knitted it up in Wendy Merino DK.  which I’ve used before and love.  It’s nice and squishy, 100% wool, with some lovely colours in the range.  The yarn given in the pattern is Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK – this has quite a high silk content, so a) I can’t afford it, and b) although I LOVE sewing with silk, I’m not a fan of it for knitting, as it’s quite heavy, so unless you’re careful garments can lose their shape quite badly.

The only change I made to the pattern was to shift the foxes on the cardigan fronts out to the sides a bit, and add the little pips at the front edges…

… to avoid having a mutant fox with almost-but-not-quite-two heads at the seam.  It’s worked pretty well – the seam is in the third from the left.  Ignore the one with part of his jaw missing…

I love the buttons on this, my mother-in-law gave them to me a few years ago when she was getting rid of a cardigan of her husband’s.  I was going to put then on a little cream cable cardigan for myself, but I couldn’t resist using them here.  This is what happens when you have kids.  The expensive lace I once bought, thinking to make myself some posh knickers, is now trimming Barbie’s gold lamé ballgown.

And I leave you with my favourite shot of the morning:




  1. January 2, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    Super cute cardigan. I love the little foxes. The buttons are perfect.

    • January 2, 2015 / 7:56 pm

      Thanks so much :)! Yeah, I love it when notions I’ve been hanging on to for ages turn out to be just right for a project!

    • August 3, 2014 / 10:04 pm

      Aw thanks:)! It’s a really great pattern, I definitely recommend it!

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