Well I think it’s fair to say I’ve sewed all the shorts…

Purl Bee City Gym Shorts

Evening all!  Going to keep it short-and-sweet today, like this project!  These are the City Gym Shorts pattern by Purl Bee, it’s a free download with instructions online.  If you’re after a quick, easy and useful project, then this is for you!

Children's city gym shorts by purl bee

So much so, that everyone got a pair…  I had wanted to use this navy herringbone to make mine, but it’s a pair of trousers that I’d cut up, so didn’t quite stretch.  There was enough for the girls shorts pieces, but not the waistbands, and it was too heavy for the binding.  I let them choose a colour each from a stack of rainbow fat quarters, which made them happy!

childrens city gym shorts

They’re rather too big for them, but then again, children rarely shrink…  Mine are a lightweight chambray from Leon’s Fabrics.

city gym shorts

Side view.  No, I’ve no blinking idea what my hands are doing…  Mine are probably also slightly too big, but they’re soooo comfy.  Excuse wrinkles – I’ve been wearing them the whole day, and it’s not like they started the day freshly ironed either…

There’s not much to say regarding the make-up – they’re simplicity itself.  I wasn’t even tripped up by the varying seam-allowances – something which usually never fails to catch me out.  I normally hate it, (because I always seem to miss the spec) but this time I NOTICED HALF THE SEAMS ARE 1/4″ SEAM ALLOWANCE.  It saves time on trimming, but it means you are stuck with the seam finish specified in the pattern (zig-zagged and faux-felled).  I’d normally flat-fell these seams properly, but the shorts are so quick that this actually seems like overkill anyway!

Next time (there will be a next time!)  I’ll widen the waistband and use a 1 1/2″ elastic – this is what’s used in the waistband of my Carolyn shorts, and it looks way better than the 1″ one used here.  The only gripe I have is that you need more bias binding than they say.  Unless I read it wrong, which is entirely possible – all I can say is that I thought I’d made plenty according to the instructions, but I had to make more for every size.  Yeah, I probably read it wrong didn’t I…?

Anyway, that it – told you there wasn’t much to say!  I’ll leave you with the blanket‘s induction, as the scene for the world’s most regimented tea-party…

tea party blanket

We took them to Ikea for lunch after swimming, and I finally got the tea-set of my their dreams.  I’ve been eyeing it up for approximately 3 years, so now they have the kitchen, you know, they need some crockery…  I give it about 6 months before it’s ALL broken.  Any takers?

Have a great week!



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