Progress report

Quilting on a vintage Borther sewing machine

Hi again!  This is what my sewing has looked like for the last couple of weeks…  Quilting a really-quite-large quilt on a domestic machine in 2-hour stints…  Thing is, I’m really enjoying it, which is just as well, as I’m… almost halfway…

So I’ll leave you instead with the quite incredibly twee cushion I have finished:

Quilted macaroon cushion

I got 2 fat quarters of macaroon fabric from one of those baskets-on-the-counter that get me every.  Single.  Time.  But still guys.  MACAROONS!!  It’s quilting cotton, so I thought it’d look a bit too sad and floppy to make a cushion with by itself.  And really, what else could you do with this?  I obviously would wear a dress with macaroons on, but I’d need more than 2 fat quarters… So, double win, I’ve managed to use up some scraps of wadding and quilted it.

Quilted macaroon cushion

All the macaroons :).

Well, now I’ll leave you, as I have to go unpin and re-pin the second half of the quilt, which has crept badly and is getting all caught up at the back.  Bugger.

Have a wonderful Easter, and I’ll see you soon!



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