One Week-and-a-bit, One Pattern…

So here it is, my week in pictures, as part of the One Week One Pattern challenge, hosted this year by the lovely Jane.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been sporting!


Saturday 6th September:  Original portrait blouse in floral cotton lawn.  Apologies for weird pose and awful photo – I was leaning my phone against a ball of wool whilst really hoping no customers came in…

  • Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, Gretchen Hirsch
  • Fabric: world’s softest and cheapest cotton lawn, Abakhan Fabrics.
  • Trousers: People Tree

Sunday 7th Sept:  Bias-cut gingham for a family walk in Etherow Park

  • Fabric:  Polycotton gingham, Sew-In of Didsbury
  • Skirt:  Gap, 1999

Mon 8th:  Off to the shop…

Tues 9th:  Forgot to take the photo until 10pm, hence why I look like a particularly cheerful serial killer.

  • Shorts: New Look
  • Cardi:  Next

Thurs 10th:  Yes, I’ve missed a day…  In my defence, I did actually wear this outfit yesterday, as well as the second half of today.  This morning, it was scrunched up in a pile whilst I ……..


…….. jet-washed the decking in my scruffs.  Yup, that’s just as sexy as it sounds.  Especially when you do in the corners and the dirty water exfoliates your face.  Sexy.

Fri 12th:  Just doing a bit of casual pre-washing… Hello half-price Liberty :)!  I may blog this blouse as a cautionary tale – it’s something I will wear, but I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled by it, all in all.

  • Fabric:  1 metre of cotton poplin I’d had for ages, made it up to get rid as I was sick of seeing it in my fabric box.

Sat 13th:  Get back from work, just time for a quick photo-op before I get this skirt off.  I can’t sit down in it, you see…  Well, I mean, technically it’s physically possible to sit down, but I don’t like what it feels like it’s doing to my internal organs.  Still, tucking this version of the blouse in improves it about a hundred-fold, so it’s worth a bit of kidney-mangling, I feel.

  • Skirt:  People Tree
  • Wall:  Incredibly slow and long-drawn-out DIY

And there you go!  A full week (and a bit…) wearing variations of the same pattern.  As you can see, there ain’t no effort on the ‘styling’ front – I have 3 children, the eldest is 5, so if I’ve had time to put on clothes and am therefore not stark naked, we’re talking a win…  What has become abundantly clear this week, however, is my severe lack of bottom halves.  My next project will therefore be trousers, although whenever I read posts about fitting trousers it kind of makes me want to have a large drink and go to Primark…   Just kidding.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get that drink, and open the Amazon package on the dining table which contains ‘Gertie Sews Vintage Casual.’  Yes, I pre-ordered it.  Yes, I am Very Excited!!!  I literally cannot wait, so I’m not going to any longer.  And then I will be checking out everyone else’s OWOPs – there will be links here .  Go look!!




  1. September 15, 2014 / 5:11 pm

    What a great blouse! And unsurprisingly, my favourite is the gingham one! Thanks so much for taking part. X
    ps. Is that half price Liberty carline fabric hanging out to dry??!!!

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