My #2017makenine: the results!

Hello 2018!  I hope you’re enjoying the last of the festive chocolates in front of a Bond film?  It’s the time of year for round-up posts, which I don’t usually do (and don’t usually read either, sorry guys), but I make an exception for the #makenine challenge.  I’m not a big sewing challenge person, but somehow this seems to be more helpful than otherwise.  Perhaps because it seems manageable – 9 projects in a year, and there are no restrictions.  I’ve loved reading everyone else’s #2017makenine round-ups, especially the ones where we’ve only managed half of the things we planned, ha!  Actually though, I’m pretty happy to have completed four-amd-a-half out of my hoped-for nine projects.  The ones I managed to make were:

  • Sew DIY Lou Box Top (same link as the Emersons):  A lovely simple make, I’d definitely make this again if the right fabric came along.  Which probably won’t be for a while since I’m seriously trying to rein in my fabric spending until the stash is a little diminished…
  • True Bias Emerson Trousers:  I loved these!  Unfortunately they are a smidge too tight on the waist, due to using up a bit of elastic I had which was a tiny bit too short.  Apart from that though, great pattern and a definite make-again contender.  With more elastic.
  • Named Wyome Jeans:  Hmm.  General fail.  Failed to muslin, made a size too large, took them in too enthusiasically, now too small.  Lesson learned.  I do think the pattern has potential, and I may go back and have another go once the dust settles, in a slightly lighter-weight denim.
  • New chair cushions:  Exciting stuff, huh?  I will get a post up with pictures soon-ish, but I finally got these covers sewn, and sent them off to be filled, and they’re awesome.  Even the one where I sewed the zip on the front instead of the back…  I briefly considered unpicking, but I made a great job of the zip, so I’m not actully too bothered.  I’m quite surprised at how little it bothers me.  Just as well really…

Halfway done:

  • I’m halfway through my knitting project, a jumper in Lopi chunky.  I had started the Wool and the Gang Double Trouble jumper, but once I got to the instructions for the back I gave up, so it’s just having a normal back, thanks.  I’m still in love with the open-back sweater thing (take a peek at this post for the best patterns to knit one yourself!), but I find that I’m quite used to a certain style of knitting instructions, and ones that don’t follow that style throw me off rather.  Also the Lopi is a bit too coarse to wear without a layer underneath, so is probably not the best choice of yarn for the style anyway…

Not managed (yet):

  • Tessuti Pia dress:  I just never got round to it before summer was over, and it’s definitely a summer dress.  I’ll try and make it earlier this year!
  • Merchant & Mills Landgate jacket:  This is a bit of a luxury make, in that although I’m looking forward to making it, I’m not really struggling without it.  Having said that though, I can’t stand the only lightweight waterproof I have, so maybe I should buck up and get it made!
  • Named Asaka Kimono:  I kind of felt I’d made enough lounge-wear, basically.  I seem to have spent the last two years sewing pyjamas, and I made two Almada robes (one for me, and one for my Mum for Christmas).  It’s not like I have the lifestyle to wear this kind of thing, but it’s definitely staying on the list!  If only because what else can I use 3m of Liberty silk satin for?
  • Gertie shirred-waist shirtdress:  Just didn’t get round to it!  I’m not sure if it’ll stay on the list or not, there are quite a few contenders which might take its place.

So that’s that!  Did you do a #2017makenine, or are you planning one for this year?  I’m off to have a think and hopefully to be back next week (ish…) with my #2018makenine!

Take care, and Happy New Year to you all!




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