Reduced to Crumble…


I know, slight digression.  The truth is, I’ve done little sewing recently, and nothing new – I’ve been re-making my Myrtle Dress.  From scratch.  You know I said breezily when I made it ‘The bodice could be a little longer, but it’ll be fine!’… or something ominously along those lines?  Turns out it wasn’t fine.  At all.  I’m sure there ARE things more irritating than having to pull your waistband down from your ribs every 2 minutes, but it doesn’t feel like that when you’re doing it, you know?

Also, fine viscose does NOT unpick well…  I thought. because of the way the waistband is constructed, that I could unpick it, flip it downwards and topstitch it to the inside of the skirt.  I did it, but it looked weird with the seam at the top of the waistband instead of the bottom.  Also, it was getting a bit mangled…

It’s a little depressing to start over making something you thought had turned out OK, but it gave me a chance to fix the other things I wasn’t keen on at the same time, so there’s that!  I got rid of the pockets – I LOVE having pockets, or where do you stash all the Barbie shoes and Matchbox cars?  Anyone…?  No…? Just me then…  But, the fabric’s too fine to be able to put anything in them, so all they were doing was making the skirt fall funny and prevent me from french-seaming the sides.  They went.  I french-seamed the skirt, and added an inch to the bodice.

It looks like exactly the same dress, so I didn’t bother taking any pictures, except now it’s blissfully comfortable instead of completely infuriating.  Score 1 for perseverance…

Aaaaanyway, on to the crumble.  You know how to make crumble.  I know that.  Just thought I’d share my secret to the Best Crumble in the World – which is, broadly speaking, to put in All the Fruits.  Is rhubarb a fruit?  I doubt it.  Fruit grows on sunny Italian hillsides, or soft-focus 50’s orchards in Shropshire.  Not a dark shed in Yorkshire, surely?  I digress. Again.

For me, crumble is always best with rhubarb, but it’s not everyone’s bag.  You know what to do…  My main only secret is the inclusion of tinned peaches.  They rock.  Also, you can use as much or as little of the syrup to sweeten the fruit as you like, which is handy.

PS  Did you know you could mine salt in Manchester?  You can!  Look, the little truck lost a wheel on it’s way back to the refinery…

fruit crumble

mixed fruit crumble recipe

Ingredients (fills a medium-ish dish, about 7 x 10 x 2″)
3 sticks rhubarb, 4 apples, orange zest + juice, tin of peaches (+ a bit of their syrup)

6oz flour, 3oz butter, 2oz sugar.

What to do with them

Stick the first line in a dish.  Squish the 2nd line with your fingers ’til it looks like this:

crumble mixture

Tip it over the top:

Bake at 180°c until its brown on top (I can’t honestly say how long it’ll take – most recipes say 25 – 35 min, but mine always takes about 45min.)


Mmmm…  You can add or subtract ingredients almost infinitely (don’t you love it when cookbooks say ‘If desired, you could substitute lalalalalala…’ I mean, REALLY?  IT’S POSSIBLE TO DO THAT?).  As long as it’s fruit with biscuit crumbs on top, you’re winning.

In other news (slow news day people), I’ve changed the machine in my sewing table, and am now giving my vintage Brother a bit of a run.  I’ve enjoyed using Paul’s Grandma’s Jones for the last few projects, but the off-centre needle winds me up rather, and it’s kind of highlighted how little I actually use the zig-zag function.

vintage brother sewing machine

Although she looks a little drab after the turquoise Jones, she’s still a beauty.  I always expect her to be a bit less mushroom-coloured, but so far, no change…

Well, I think that’s me done!  You all have a great week, and I might have actually done something next time I’m round here!  Here’s hoping 😉




  1. June 15, 2015 / 7:03 am

    Crumble sounds delicious 😋 especially as I am not a great fan of rhubarb and will give it a go! From very warm and sunny Zante xxx

    • June 17, 2015 / 8:40 am

      Hope you’re having a lovely time!

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