Menswear Envy

Hello all, I’m back!  The babies and I have been visiting my mum in her new seaside home, so no sewing for the last week or so.  Precious little craftying at all, actually, since we were pretty busy all week!  Now we’re back up north, I’m finally starting to face up to the enormous amount of DIY that needs to be done before the house stops looking like someone’s set up a crack den in the returns department of Toys R Us.   Which means, I’m afraid, that the next few months will be mainly a mix of discussion topics and home dec…  Also, the big sewing project which is planned to take me up to Christmas is a bit hush-hush, although you might get the odd glimpse as it’s going to take up ALL my non-painting time…

Speaking of DIY, Thread Theory (seriously my favourite indie pattern company) has just released the perfect work trousers pattern, the Jutland Pants.  I have literally bought it in the middle of writing this post…

Although it’s a menswear pattern (Thread Theory are a menswear label – considering nice mens patterns are like HENS TEETH in the world of home dressmaking, you can see why I worship them ever so slightly…), these trousers are basically the perfect walking/painting/gardening/tea-drinking trousers.  Since I do most of the DIY around here, I feel TOTALLY justified in planning to make these for myself!  I’ll probably mess around a bit with the waist/hip area, but in all honesty, I’m only bothered about them staying up, I’m not aiming for elegance…

I love menswear, of the classic and unfussy kind, but I don’t really have the kind of shape to get away with the whole androgyny thing.  I just end up looking incredibly butch, but then again, if it’s to do the sanding, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!  Yay 🙂

They’ll have to wait a bit though, with all the other stuff on, and I also owe Paul his Jeds, which I can’t justify not doing first..  I found some grey cotton drill which should be perfect, and also (rather wonderfully) has a faint 1cm grid printed on the back.  Obviously not that useful for this project, but if you were making a bag or something square-ish, this would be really helpful!

Well, that’s my plans for the next couple of months!  Now for a large glass of something to take my mind off the large amount of paint I have to strip off the stairs…  Have a great week!



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