Sew DIY Lou Box Top & True Bias Emerson Culottes

Sew DIY Lou Box Top and True Bias Emerson Pants

Welcome to the first post at my new blog!  Kicking off with two of my #2017makenine projects – you might notice I chose the easy ones first…  Happily the Lou Box Top and Emerson pants go pretty well together!  I’ve never been very good at seasonal sewing – it usually takes me so long to see a project through that if I started it in the right season I’d have to wait ’til next year to wear it. So at least I’ve made a start on my summer wardrobe, even if I was freezing taking these pictures!

I’m combining these into one post, as they’re both pretty straightforward, and neither are exactly news.  I put off buying the Lou Box Top for ages – it is kind of a square with holes in, after all.  But my Scout tee (which I only wear round the house) confirmed that what I actually want in a t-shirt is a square with holes in.  So I bought it, and I don’t regret it.  I can see myself making loads of these.  Happily, they’re super-quick as well.  Square with holes, remember ;).

The fabric doesn’t show up that well in these photos, but it’s a medium-weight linen with a gorgeous filigree-like print.  I’ve ashamed to say I’ve had it so long I can’t remember where I bought it, but I do remember ordering a longer length but being contacted to say they only had 1m left.  It’s too heavy for the pattern, really, but it does have a fair drape so it almost gets away with it.  It’s not as flattering as it would be in a more suitable fabric, but since the whole outfit looks like pyjamas anyway, I’m not too bothered.

In addition to being at least 2 degrees below, it was quite windy…

Sew DIY Lou Box Top & Emerson Trousers
Sew DIY Lou Box Top keyhole facing detail

The only thing I did different to the pattern was to cut the back in one piece (pattern-matching dread) and cut a little facing piece for the keyhole.

Sew DIY Lou Box Top & True Bias Emerson Pants

As for the culottes, they’re the Emerson pattern from True Bias.  I originally meant to make them out of denim, so I chose this pattern over the Style Arc Erin, which would need something with more drape.  Then it turned out I didn’t have enough of the denim to make these.  So I pulled out this linen-look cotton and gave it a go!  It’s a very boring fabric, but actually does look almost like linen, so not a bad fit for the pattern.

Back view Sew DIY Lou Box Top True Bias Emerson Culottes

The main thing I’d say about this pattern is that it really exceeded my expectations.  Although these are very casual, made up in a different fabric and styled better, they could actually look really smart – not bad for elastic-waist trousers!  The fit is spot-on, although the waist is a bit lower than I’ve been used to recently.

True Bias Emerson Pants pleat detail

I love the little pleats!  And the pockets are nice and deep as well.  I deviated from the instructions slightly at the waistband – you’re told to press all the waist seams allowances downwards, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to…  As a compromise, I pressed the outer waistband and main pieces up, and the inner waistband downwards to at least lose some of the bulk.  I didn’t fancy the thought of all the seam allowances loose on the inside!

I cant wait ’til summer so I can actually wear these without getting frostbite.  Oh and there’s a pocket on the top:
Sew DIY Lou Box Top pocket detail

I’m trying to celebrate the wins at the moment, of which that pocket is very much one.  So there are two crossed off my #2017makenine already!  Here’s hoping the rest of my year’s sewing goes as smoothly, and yours too, of course!

‘Til next time!


Materials – Lou Box Top & Emerson culottes
  • Blue linen/cotton from Abakhan Fabrics
  • Printed linen from I can’t quite remember, sorry…
  • Lou Box Top pattern from Sew DIY
  • Emerson shorts/trousers pattern from True Bias



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