Happy New Year etc…!

Happy (slightly belated) New Year everyone!  I hope you’ve all made a good start on your resolutions ;)…  Very quiet here on the productivity front – I’ve started back full-time at my old job (massage and holistic therapies), which is pretty physical and involves quite a few late evenings.  Getting home ravenous and achy at 8.45pm isn’t great for the evening sewing, it has to be said.  I’m assuming I’ll get used to it again in a week or two!  I’m currently halfway through a pair of Jedediahs for Paul, which are a lovely relaxing project as I’m making them up as a straight 34 before I try to work out if he needs any alterations.  I don’t particularly enjoy the fitting process, if I’m honest, although it’s always worth it in the end.  So this way I get to just enjoy sewing without worrying about the fit, which is nice.  Also quite risky, but I’m too tired to worry much…  Plus, how much worse than RTW can they be?  Also, any takers for how much might I come to regret that last question?  Here’s Rosie helping with the flat-felled inseam:WP_001319

Isn’t she helpful?  Apart from the odd half hour on the Jeds, the only sewing I’ve done this week was to mend my work t-shirt after I ripped half the sleeve off on a door-handle.  I then did the exact same thing the day after I fixed it, so got that to look forward to again.  Yay.

Another reason the sewing’s going slooow is the decorating situation, ie trying to fit in painting around a full-time job, the laundry and occasionally seeing the children…  It is actually advancing, albeit at a rather *ahem* stately pace, with the result that 1/3 of our dining room now looks like this:WP_001323

Don’t look at the curtains! Oh, except now you just did…  I do have an excuse for their shortness, which is that they were originally in another room, and hemmed to suit a different height curtain rail.  I’d like to think that also excuses the incredible unevenness of the hemming, but sadly I know better.  I do have the rest of the fabric left, however, and I’m sure you appreciate just how much I’m looking forward to re-attaching that…

OBVIOUSLY I didn’t take any ‘before’ photos (this only ever occurs to me when it’s already ‘after’), but seeing as the remaining 2/3 of the room look like this:WP_001324

and this:WP_001325

… I’m sure you can imagine it.  As always, please forgive the terrible photos – it’s 10pm and I’m using my phone until I can afford a camera.  So maybe for ever, at this rate…  I definitely expect to appear at some point on on of those lists, you know, ’25 pictures you won’t believe people actually posted on their blogs!’, or something.  Only a matter of time, people…

Well, you continue having a lovely 2015, and I will hopefully have a finished project to show you soon!  Just got to have a little sleep first…



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  1. January 14, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    Well done you inspite of everything!Very impressed! Have got a couple of spare cameras!

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