(Finally!!) Completed: ‘Kiss’ cushion

Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion

Aaah, you’ve all seen this one before, haven’t you!  Come on, you remember, about 7 years ago when everything Emily Peacock was having a ‘moment’?  Well, that was when Paul got me this kit for Christmas..

Its progress having been *ahem* slightly interrupted by oh, I don’t know, 3 children…, this is easily my most long-term Work in Progress.  Totally worth the wait, though, right?

Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion

It’s the smaller of the 2 kit options, worked in 2 strands of crewel wool over 10ct canvas.  It’s quite big enough, really!  After hours searching the internet for suitable bobble trim (I did find a really nice one… for £12.50 a metre, so no thanks…) I got this Simplicity one for £3.99/m off my local awesome market stall.

Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion
Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion

It’s backed with some quilting cotton from the stash – it’s not a perfect match, as it’s white-based where the cushion front is cream, but it’s of a similar cheerfulness, and I can’t be buying something new for this right now!  I underlined the backing with calico to give it a bit more heft.

Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion back

Pretty, pretty, pretty :)…

So again, apologies for it being all the cushions at the moment, but there you have it.  I’ve finished decorating our bedroom (we really need a new light fitting, but I’m SO BROKE that it can wait), so I’m treating myself with a couple of weeks off from DIY – plenty sewing to be done in the near future, fingers crossed!  Much of which will obviously be cushions, but also to include some actual clothes.  I promise!

Have an awesome week!!





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