Free cross-stitch motif: Rockabilly Tattoo-style Swallow

This is a little swallow motif I designed for the place-cards at our wedding.  It’s quite small, fits easily on a 2 x 2 1/2″ (5 x 6cm) piece of 14ct stitching paper, as shown above.  You could also use it as part of a larger design, or in other arrangements – I think it looks pretty cute on any kind of greeting card!

Yeah, you can tell I got a friend with nice writing to do the place-cards, can’t you…

The traditional tattoo-style swallow has a number of meanings supposedly attached to it – the one I like best is that they represent loyalty, and the promise to return home from a voyage, since swallows travel long distances but return to the same place each year to nest.  Which is pretty cute!

Sorry about the lack of a more sophisticated printable chart – I’m afraid this is about as technologically advanced as I get…  I’ve given the thread options in both DMC and Anchor, mine are worked in Anchor as I liked the colours better (even though they’re supposed to be equivalent there’s always a slight difference between brands).

Don’t forget to separate your thread into its individual strands and let them untwist before you put them back together and start stitching!  It gives a smoother finish and better coverage of the background, that’s all.

He’s totally free for personal use, and I’d love to see how you use him in your designs!  If you share or distribute the chart, please provide a link back to this post, thanks!




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