Tiny crochet mouse cat toy…

Now, I don’t regard myself as a person with too much time on their hands, but I’ve got a feeling this picture tells a different story…  A couple of weeks ago Rosie the cat arrived to live with us.  Shortly after this, I decided to make her some mice.  No, I did not see this coming.

The template for the fabric mice is here (good old Martha Stewart…), with comprehensive instructions, just in case you can’t work out how they go together.  I drew the line at interfacing and making the tail with a loop turner, because, you know, life’s too short…  I used scraps left over from my chair re-cover (currently at the painting stage), my jeans, and some thin suede which I bought to make handles for bags, for Christmas presents.  Last Christmas.  In fact, I cut ALL THE PIECES OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.   It’s now October.  Anyway, moving swiftly on…

Here’s the pattern for the little crochet dude – I made him with ordinary string, using a 2.5mm crochet hook.  This meant he was solid enough to not have to stuff, which is handy because he’s TINY.  On the other hand, it’s pretty hard on the fingers, so go up a size or two if you feel like it!  I guess the string is roughly the thickness of cotton DK yarn, or a tiny bit thicker.  All instructions are UK terminology.


Round 1:  Ch 2

Round 2:  6dc into 1st stitch

Round 3:  *dc into next st, 2dc into next st* all the way round

Round 4:  *dc into next 2 st, 2dc into next st* all the way round

Round 5:  *dc in next 2 st, 2dc in next st* twice, then dc in each st to end of round

Rounds 6-9:  dc into each st

Finally, dc2tog until 5st left, fasten off.

Ears (make 2, unless you want a pre-savaged look…)

Ch 3

3tr into 1st st.

Ch 2

Finish with a slipstitch into the first stitch, and fasten off.

Fold the ears in half and sew on, embroider eyes and nose, and twist on a string tail.  To do this, cut a decent length of string and thread it through a stitch at the back of the mouse until the two halves of the tail are the same length.  Anchor the mouse (men or children are useful for this), and hold 1 string between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.  Twist both the strings clockwise, then pass the one in your right hand OVER the one in your left, and swap the strings to your opposite hands.  Twist again, wrap again, etc.  The strings will remain twisted round each other.  I hope that’s clear.  If not, then I guess the cat wouldn’t mind a single string tail!

Rosie is obviously a girl after my own heart, as she likes the gingham one best!  She is also fond of sewing, as in, she likes to sit on my fabric and pounce on the tracing wheel and scissors.  I was going to include a photo of her killing my scissors, but it’s on my phone which is slowly but surely packing up, one function at a time, so I can’t, sorry!

She is also rather fond of spools of thread, and has painstakingly removed, chased and lost the second spool-pin from my machine.  I don’t hold it against her, though – she has a long way to go before she mislays as much stuff as I do.  I lose both scissors and pins roughly every 5 minutes, and don’t get me started on rulers…

Have a great weekend, I’ve finally managed to cut out the pieces for my Mae blouse (despite cat’s best efforts), so hopefully will have that to show you next week!



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