Completed: Lil’ Luxe dress

African wax print girls maxi dress, lil luxe dress

Sorry about the radio silence…  I’ve got many many WIPs on the go at the moment, which aren’t always the most inspirational things to blog.  Also, we’ve been on holiday a bit, and work is super busy, which means I’m staring at a computer most of the day – hardly conducive to wanting to do the same thing at home!

African wax print maxi dress, lil luxe dress

But I’m still here, and still sewing, so let’s move on swiftly to how amazing is this fabric?  I got it from Middlesex Textiles at the same time as the crazy leopard-print – they are sadly sold out or I would order more right now!  I intended it for me, but the second it was out of the packet Amy asked for a dress in it, and George wrapped himself in it and refused to let go…  Although I may be able to squeeze myself something out of the remainder, I’m going to be the bigger person and make George a little quilt out of it.  It might stop him pulling Amy’s dress out of the ironing pile whenever he sees it and making off with it draped around him…

Anyway, this is the Lil’ Luxe Dress from (rather confusingly) the Lil’ Luxe Collection.  I looked around a bit for a pattern, as I wanted to make something quite dramatic to do the fabric justice.   Doesn’t get much more dramatic than a wax-print maxi dress, right?  I’m aware that a floor-length dress is not the most practical item of clothing for a 7-year old, but you know, practicality isn’t everything now, is it?

African wax print girls maxi dress, lil luxe dress

Seeing the beautiful maxi version on Mingo & Grace’s blog convinced me that this was the pattern.  It runs pretty true to size for Amy – I toiled a 7, which was a bit snug, and this is the 8.  It’s got a bit of growing room, but not a ridiculous amount.  I love the way the waistline curves up at the front – it not only looks lovely, but also lifts the front hem off the floor very slightly.  I guess you’re supposed to even that out, but I like the ever-so-slightly-lessened trip-hazard, personally!

Wax print maxi skirt

The pattern comes with a knee-length circle skirt piece, and instructions on how to adapt for a gather maxi-skirt.  I use a half-circle skirt instead – the fabric’s a bit too stiff for gathers, but a full circle would have been truly OTT!

I did change the fastening from centre-back placket to an invisible zip in the side seam.  I have a thing about kids being able to dress themselves, and even I struggle to do up things that fasten at the back!  This did mean hand-stitching the facing down around the armholes, but there we are.  You win some, you lose some.  I’ve also only just realised that I probably could have pattern-matched the front waist…  I genuinely did not even think of that.

African wax print girls maxi dress, lil luxe dress

Amy loves this dress, and so do I!  I’m trying to make sure she wears it as much as she wants to, as I don’t want it saved ‘for best’ and hardly ever getting worn.

Well, I think that’s me for today – I’m looking forward to another week or so of holiday after tomorrow, although I will have some work to finish off during it which is a royal pain.  Still.

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer!  Back soon (-er than this time, hopefully!)





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