Colette Ceylon II

Colette Ceylon tea-dress

In which I give up on make-up, control of my facial expression, and keeping children and bins out of the picture.  Sorry guys, children and bins make up a large part of my life right now…  It is what it is.  Anyway, here’s my second Ceylon.  I should have made it before now really, as my first one is wearing thin on the shoulder where I carry my bag.  As I think I’ve said before, although this pattern has quite strong vintage styling, it results in a very wearable dress – it’s comfortable (YAY for no waist seam 🙂 ), cute and smart enough for work.  Well, my work anyway.  I guess our dress-code isn’t that stringent…

Colette Ceylon tea-dress

You see what I mean about the face, but it’s a good picture of the dress, so needs must. The fabric is a cotton poplin from The Polished Button – I’ve had it ages…  Really, it was always going to be a Ceylon, small-scale florals work so well with this pattern.  I still want to make a solid-colour version with piping, but maybe next year!

Colette Ceylon tea-dress

I made the same size as last time (10 grading to 12 at the waist), but starting the grading at the waist, rather than slightly above as in my previous version.  I felt the waist could be a bit more fitted, and this seems to have done it!

This is one of only a few times I’ve sewn a pattern more than once, and it does give you the chance to fix the niggles with the first one.  This time I lined the back yoke instead of using the fiddly facing piece that flips out all the time – lining it uses no more fabric and gives a lovely clean finish.  I also topstitched the side seams to keep the seam allowances in place.   I also topstitched down the front edges because I may *ahem* have forgotten to understitch them…


It looks a little ungainly from the side because of the ease in the back with those gathers – I’d never alter those though, as they give your arms freedom to move.  As always with me, comfort is king!

Vintage easy-cover belt buckle kit

I think I’ve finally hit on a satisfactory belt method, as well – I underlined it on both sides with calico, which has given just the right amount of stiffness.  I guess it would be hard to turn through on a narrower belt, though – this is about 5cm wide.  The buckle is vintage, and I left off the prong as it’s secure enough without.  It came with the cutest little pattern piece in double-sided tape, which made it so easy to cover it.  You peel off one side, stick it to the wrong side of your fabric, and cut around it.  Then peel off the other side, stick it to the buckle and press the back on.  It was SO quick :).

Colette Ceylon tea-dress

Happy Days all round!  It’s all cushions for me ’til Christmas, I fear, but I hope to be back with non-cushiony stuff soon.

Take care!



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  1. November 21, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    Both dress, lady wearing it lovely!! Children and bins atmospheric!!

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