Completed: Closet Case patterns Carolyn Pajamas


I finished my Carolyn pajamas!! Can you tell how happy that makes me?  I love these – apart from being gorgeous to sew and wear in themselves, they are a welcome success after a string of failures and unwearables that were starting to make sewing feel like a bit of a drag.  Well, we’re out of that now!


They are, of course, the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pajamas, which I introduced in my last post, made up in Liberty poplin.  I made a straight size 14 top and bottom, which fits perfectly.  A few months ago I would have dithered between the 12 and 14, but the 10lbs I’ve gained since autumn put me firmly in the 14.  Just as well really, as they’re pretty fitted – definitely be honest with your measurements with this pattern, they don’t have the miles of ease you’d usually find in loungewear!

In terms of assembly, I picked a very easy fabric to work with, as there were a few unfamiliar details so I didn’t want to make it too much of a challenge!  It paid off – they sewed up like a dream, and I’d be happy to tackle a trickier fabric now I’m familiar with the construction.  The poplin doesn’t have the lovely drape of a viscose or silk, but being Liberty it has a silky-smooth feel, so they feel really luxurious to wear.

I followed the instructions exactly, which were fantastically clear.  The only thing I checked with Heather Lou’s tutorials was the insertion of the piping in the round, which was really helpful.  In a finer fabric I would probably use french seams, but on these I flat-felled every seam except where the seam allowances are enclosed (by the cuffs or waistband).  It takes a little time, but actually not that much longer than a turned-and-stitched seam which is what I might otherwise use.  Looks pretty, plus it’s comfortable, durable and makes for easy ironing – what’s not to like?  I had a quick look around before I flat-felled the armscyes in case there were any particular tips out there – this (rather aptly) is where to look if you’re interested, Carolyn also has a link to a tutorial on basic flat-felled seams as well.


Are you’re wondering why I’m outside, in Manchester in March, in my pyjamas, and also whether I felt like an idiot?  Well I’ve finally accepted that my house does not admit natural light, so that’s why, and yes I felt a right dick.


See the pocket yet ;)??


I had 5 of these green buttons left over from my Ceylon dress, which are a perfect match.  They won’t match for that long, as I know from bitter experience that they lose their colour in the wash, but hey-ho.  I was going to use covered buttons, and in fact got to the stage of having covered 5 buttons, before I realised that the ones I’d got hold of from Hobbycraft (Hemline brand) were so unbearably cheap-looking at the back that I couldn’t bring myself to sew them on…

I’ll be making these again for sure, but I think my priority now is having something to wear during the daytime, so that’s what I’ll be working towards next!  Would you/have you sewn your own pyjamas?  Are handmade pjs the ultimate luxury, or do you prefer to spend your time making stuff you will actually be seen wearing?

Til next time, take care!



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