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Bright handknit colour blocked socks

Hello again!  Socks are a bit addictive, aren’t they?  I was so buoyed by the success of Paul’s socks, that I decided to make myself some.  So these are my second pair of handknit socks, although not being one of those bloggers we’re always being warned about, who only show you the things that turn out great, I will admit to making a very sad prototype which was all saggy round the picot and pointy at the toe…  It was so depressing, that I couldn’t bear to make its pair, but I still thought my idea was good, so amended the pattern to address the issues.

Bright handknit colour blocked socks
Bright handknit colour blocked socks
I used Bergère de France Ideal, which is a little thicker than sock yarn, and decreased the stitch-count on the picot edge, which isn’t elastic like ribbing.  I really hated the toe decreases on the prototype, which was from a standard sock pattern, so I designed a pattern of decreases which I thought would better match my foot shape (rather wide and square…).  This worked perfectly :), although it does mean I have a left and a right sock…  And I’m really happy with these, although they are a little warm for the current lovely weather!

Take care, and I’ll be back soon!



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