Completed: Colette Zinnia

Plaid Colette Zinnia skirt

Good evening lovelies!  How are we all doing?  I’m knackered – I’m in the middle of fitting floating shelves in the spare room – the end is in sight though, and I haven’t monumentally cocked anything up so far.  Which is good, if rare…

I’m back with one of my last makes of 2015 – a Colette Zinnia skirt.  I’m so happy with it!  I’ve been trying to focus recently on making clothes I can wear to work, and this has proved perfect, although I do need a few more tops to wear with it.

I bought the fabric from Leon’s with nothing particular in mind, but around October I got the idea I needed some autumn-appropriate clothes.  I immediately thought of this fabric -the colour is a bit more rusty-orange than it shows up in the photos, very autumnal!  I’ve no idea what the fabric is, it’s a kind of medium-weight stretch twill.  For its thickness, it’s really quite heavy.  I wasn’t sure if the weight would be a bit much for a skirt with so much fabric, but the waistband is snug enough to support it fine.

The great thing about it is that it Does.  Not.  Crease.  This was a slight issue during the making process, but now it’s done I can chuck it merrily on the floordrobe knowing I will never need to iron it.  Ever.  WIN.

I only just had enough fabric to eke it out – I’d bought 2m, but hadn’t reckoned with matching the check…  It took me a while to work out what I was doing with that – it’s an uneven check and, frankly, a proper pain to match in any way that doesn’t make your eyes twitch.  In the end, I picked some of the black stripes to meet at the side-seams, and got around the centre-front with a bias placket.

Plaid Colette Zinnia skirt

Pretty happy with that. it was definitely as good as it was getting!

This a simple sew, with a few details that elevate it beyond the boring.  The front placket and patch-pockets are lovely details, worth taking a bit of time over.  I tacked the hell out of those pockets, and it sooooo paid off.  Tacking is my new super-power.

Plaid Colette Zinnia skirt

Seriously though, tacking (basting…) is the business if you want to stop having to unpick the crap out of everything.  It doesn’t distort the fabric in the way pins do, so you’re much more likely to get a great result first time with tricky details.

Plaid Colette Zinnia skirt

Damn!  Those fronts definitely match better than that…  In my head at least.

I had the perfect buttons already.  The ones on the pockets are fake – because of the thickness of the fabric, I managed to cut the stitching on every single buttonhole as I opened them up.  When it came to the pockets I just sewed the buttons straight on top of the flaps.  Not sorry.

No changes to the pattern at all, straight out of the envelope.  The only thing I did differently from the instructions was sew the pockets on inside out – you see the pleat in the middle?  I’d assumed this was the side showing – realised before I sewed them on that the instructions had the other side showing, so you saw a slit down the centre, and decided I preferred them my way round.  That’s it!

I also sewed two corset hook-and-eyes on the inside of the waistband, to support the button.  I think this is a must, to be honest – with a close-fitting waistband like this, there’s too much strain for a single buttonhole.


As far as my me-made garments go, this is near the top of the happiness-inducing scale.  Sometimes less is more;  this is a fantastically simple pattern, but I’ve found it so wearable, and would definitely make it again! Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything lately?



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