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Tweed Chicken Doorstop

I always feel I should be spending more time crafting with my kids – especially Amy, who’s 6 now and wants to be doing everything I do.  Attention span is still an issue, of course, so it’s a question of finding things which progress quite fast…  And I’m conscious of not forcing her into my groove, but she does seem genuinely interested crafting.  It’s definitely something we need to do more of, but I feel like we did quite well with this!

Tweed Chicken Doorstop

I had some really small scraps of this check fabric left over from my Zinnia skirt, and I thought it would be perfect for a rustic-style doorstop.  Amy’d been wanting to do some sewing, so I asked if she wanted to make this for Granny’s Christmas present.  Which, obviously… 

The pattern is free from Sew Home & Style, which actually has loads of cute free patterns for quick-and-easy projects.  I really need an excuse to make this

The wings and underneath are cut from an old shirt of Paul’s, which he FINALLY let me have.  He hangs onto stuff way longer than decently wearable, which I suppose is commendable from a thrift point of view, but a bit irritating when you want those shirts for a quilt ;).

I did all the cutting, so all Amy had to do was sew.  The only changes we made were to cut the base in one piece (the pattern has 2, and then you stuff it through the gap, but you can stuff through any seam, so I thought that was redundant…), and also to eliminate almost all the hand-sewing.  We zig-zagged the feet on before assembly, and sandwiched the beak in the same way as the comb and wattle.

Tweed Chicken Doorstop

We stuffed it with a mixture of toy-stuffing and small stones, to give it enough weight to be a doorstop.

Amy was really pleased with it :), as were me and Granny.  She’s working on knitting her doll a blanket now, so I’ll let you know how that goes!





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