5 Inspiring Home Office Spaces

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we’re in no danger of turning into a DIY-and-lifestyle blog!  However, whatever plans I have for the future of Turner’s Cloth (mwahahaha…) there’s no denying that currently it’s where I ramble about what I’m up to, what I’m into and what I’m planning.  Obviously most of that is sewing, but I also do a fair amount of DIY.  On the table currently is a home office/craft space project, to turn a dining room alcove into a more useful space.

We’re really lucky to have the space we do, but with 5 people in a house I feel like you’re always going to struggle for space, and we’re definitely feeling it!  I’m itching to get started with this project, but unfortunately the room really needs decorating first, so I’m consoling myself with looking up cute home-office style set-ups on Pinterest.  It’s pretty consoling.

So anyway, if you’re interested in that kind of stuff, here are some ones I reaaally like…

Foldaway desk, suitcase desk

Sadly, this beautiful fold-down desk (originally from Urban Outfitters) is no longer available, but I thought it was too cute not to include!  It’s quite an easily copiable idea, and great if you just need space for your laptop.  This is hand-down my favourite, but sadly no use at all for children, who have more kit than you could ever have imagined, and hence require ridiculous amounts of storage.  Here’s a similar one from Made.com,   and a rustic version on Etsy.

Yellow cupboard home office

This incredibly cheerful cupboard features in Apartment Therapy’s post on using colour in your home, but it’s also a really cute idea if you have a house with built-in cupboards or wardrobes that you don’t use for storage.  Plus, it has the advantage of being able to close the door on it (I know this one doesn’t have a door, but humour me…) without having to tidy up!


Aah, the classic ladder desk…  This rustic ladder-style office comes with full instructions over here, which to be honest, seem pretty achievable if you have power tools.  The main issue I have with power tools is finding the space to use them safely – balanced on the dining table is NOT GOOD guys!

Fold-down art table

If you need a desk that’s truly fold-away, you could do worse than this!   Unfortunately the source website is no longer around, but you get the idea – the whole thing concertinas up to lie almost flat against the wall.

Pull out bed and office

Last but not least, for the truly ambitious…  This is kind of an inverted take on those Murphy beds that fold up and have a desk underneath, but I think I like this one better!

I’m probably going to be making my alcove workspace with Twinslot brackets, because, they’re quick, easy and allow for endless permutations of shelf, basket etc.  It’s true that you mostly find them in garages, but I have a nostalgic fondness for their rather extreme Utility Chic.  And I’m feeling lazy.

Have you seen any special home-office or craft space ideas lately?  I’d love to see them!



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