New Year Plans and my #2017makenine


Well, a very happy New Year to you all!  I’ve been slowly recovering from the bug I had before Christmas, and I’m feeling pretty ok, now.  I’m excited about a new year of sewing, and also gradually making clearer plans about where I want to go with blogging and sewing in general.  (It will hopefully involve moving to a self-hosted site soon, although my IT skills mean that this process is slow, painful, and results in lots of technical support people needing a stiff drink.)

So, I sorted my stash the other day, and labelled the outsides of the boxes (a key achievement), which has reminded me of all the lovely fabric hiding in them.  I’ve been badly neglecting my personal sewing recently, which put me in the mood to nick Rochelle’s cute #makenine initiative, and actually think about my priority garments for this year.  Pictured above are:

  1. The Tessuti Pia dress is quite a departure from my current style, but I’m weirdly drawn to it.  I plan to make a linen one, and then be super wrinkly in it.
  2. I’ve been lusting after the Merchant & Mills Landgate jacket for ages.  I resisted buying the paper pattern when I was in Liberty’s, but I’d definitely love to make it this year.  I badly need to up my coat game.
  3. I made Grainline’s Scout up last year (I think, though it may have been 2015), hoping it would be a go-to T-shirt pattern (as it is for every other sewist in the world apparently…).  It’s not.  I only wear it for scruffs, and I just don’t feel it suits me.  I’m hoping to have more luck with the Lou Box Top, although I’m already second-guessing the size I’ve printed.  We’ll see…
  4. True Bias Emerson trousers – what I really want is the Style Arc Erin culottes did you see Sallie’s I still can’t get over them but the fabric I have is denim, with a slight stretch, which doesn’t have the drape for all those pleats.  The Emersons, with less volume going on round the hips, seem like they would suit denim better.  Plus, if they work out, shorts for ever!  I’m wary of elastic waists, but I also hate invisible zips in trousers, which most trouser/culotte patterns seem to have.
  5. Jeans.  I bought the Named Wyome jeans pattern like a week before Heather Lou released the Morgan Jeans pattern.  I’m going to make them out of stubbornness, because I own the pattern, and then I think we all know what I’ll do after that…
  6. Named Asaka Kimono – I have a length of this Liberty silk destined for this, and I’m excited!  But also not desperate to have it shifting silkily around all over my cutting table, so I’m gearing up to it.  My mum also wants the Seamwork Almada. We bought A LOT of this silk.
  7. Is this cheating?  But I have to get these done this year!  I bought 2 vintage Ercol chairs and a footstool (not the one pictured here, but a similar style) on eBay.  I’ve replaced the webbing (a filthy job.  If you were wondering how much compacted dust collects in the fastenings of a chair over 60 years, it’s a lot), and now I need to make new covers.  Home Dec sewing makes me proud that I can do it, and also gives me a sense of impending doom at the boredom.  Still, I’d rather suck it up than pay someone else, and these are the decisions we make!
  8. Shirtdress from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing.  I’ve had this book a while, and I love reading it, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve only made the portrait blouse from it.  But this is a shirtdress with elastic in the back.  What have I been waiting for?
  9. Obviously not this exact cardigan (which I chose for the bloke, who clearly feels he’s the 80’s gift to woman/mankind, you’re welcome), but I’d really like to knit myself something this year.  Not 100% confident this will happen, knitting’s fallen by the wayside in the last year or so in favour of sewing, sleeping and procrastinating.  Hopefully this year there’ll be less procrastinating, but the sleeping still takes up a lot of time and effort…

So there’s my 2017makenine!  I’m going to try really hard this year to make things I can get some mileage out of, but I’m also going to give up quicker on things which aren’t working.  I don’t need to set myself up to wrangle every project through to completion – I craft to make me happy (or to slightly decrease my grumpiness and fill the spare room with boxes of fabric, depending who you talk to), so I’m going to give myself permission to quit if something’s not working out.  Mistakes are valuable, but I think to get that value I need to recognise them and move on, not necessarily feel like I have to fix them all!

Well, those are my plans, what are yours?  Do you find it helpful to make lists, or would you rather make it up as you go?  Either way, have an awesome 2017, and let’s keep in touch!

Take care



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