#2017makenine: Progress so far…

2017 make nine July

Hmm… considering it’s halfway through the year, I’m clearly not halfway through my #2017makenine projects!

So far, I’ve completed:

  • Sew DIY Lou Box Top – I LOVE this top, despite the fabric being heavier-weight than ideal, so it’s not quite as flattering as it could be…  I made the scoop-neck version, and it’s the perfect t-shirt neckline for me.  I’ll definitely be making this pattern again in a lighter fabric.
  • True Bias Emerson culottes (not going to link as they’re in the same post as the Lou Box Top!)- again, I absolutely love these.   Although the elastic I used is about 2cm too short, so they’re a little tight…  That’s what you get for insisting on using up the supplies in your elastic drawer!  They’re a really low-effort wear, and the flat front makes them look much smarter than elastic-waist trousers ought to!
  • Named Clothing Wyome Jeans – hmmm.  Honestly, I wanted these to work out so much, but they haven’t.  I probably made a size too big, and in an effort to correct this took them in too much at hip level.  I think if i’d only taken them in at the waist they would have probably been ok.  Having said that, I did feel the drafting was not so much ‘menswear-inspired’ as actually menswear, given the amount of room in the front and lack of in the back, so I may try and find a pattern that suits my shape better rather than fiddle with this one!

I’ve cut out the cushion covers for my Ercol chairs (you can find out how to re-web these here – it’s much easier than you might think!), and am now gearing up to make 15m of piping.  Because I like to make life interesting…

I’m starting to doubt that I’ll knit myself a jumper this year, if I’m honest, but you never know!  The good news (from my point of view) is that I haven’t changed my mind about any of the garments, so I’m still looking forward to sewing them.  Although I probably need to get cracking with those dresses given our summer will be over in a couple of months…

Are any of you guys doing a #makenine this year? How are you finding it?

Take care, and happy stitching!




    • Lucy Turner
      July 13, 2017 / 9:58 am

      Thanks :), well, there’s still 6 months left! I keep getting distracted…

  1. July 11, 2017 / 10:45 am

    Bring some wool with you to Switzerland!!!

    • Lucy Turner
      July 13, 2017 / 9:57 am

      Haha, I actually have just picked up a cardigan I’d done about 4 rows of and then left for 6 months… I never have confidence that I’m making the right size with knitting anymore…

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